Club Permit Scheme (CPS)
Full Financial Members of Classic Cars & Bikes of Victoria (CCBV) Inc have the opportunity to apply for a Club Permit under VicRoad’s Club Permit Scheme to use their unregistered vehicles (under certain conditions)
A Club Permit Application form and a current Roadworthiness Certificate (RWC) must be submitted to CCBV's Club Permit Officer as per the criteria and conditioned listed below.

Club Permit Application Criteria

New Permit Applications,
  • You MUST be a Financial Member of CCBV Inc for at least 30 days before applying for a Club Permit.
  • Your vehicle must be roadworthy to be eligible. Members wishing to apply for a Club Permit MUST obtain a Roadworthiness Certificate (RWC) and provid it to VicRoads on initial application for a Club Permit.
  • A certified photocopy of the RWC must also be provided to CCBV Inc for club records
  • Submit a CCBV Inc Club Permit Scheme Application
Permit Renewals,
  • Your vehicle MUST remain roadworthy to be eligible. A RWC may be requested at the discretion of CCBV's Club Permit Officer. Failure to provide a valid RWC will result of your renewal application being rejected by CCBV Inc.
  • Copies of all Permit Log Book entries must be attached to the renewal application.
  • Submit a CCBV Inc Club Permit Scheme Application and select the renewal option

Club Permit Application Condition

When applying for a Club Permit via CCBV Inc you must conform with and agree to the following,
  • The vehicle must be in original unmodified drivetrain configuration including engine capacity.
  • Your rights to operate the vehicle under the CPS will cease if your Membership is not renewed within 14 days of expiry. CCBV Inc will notify VicRoads that you are no longer a financial Member of the club and request that your Club Permit(s) be cancelled immediately.
  • You must present your vehicle for inspection by the Clubs Safety Scrutineer at intervals no longer than 12 months or when requested by the Clubs Safety Scrutineer. Failure to do so within 14 days will result in the Club requesting that your Club Permit(s) be cancelled by VicRoads.
  • If a CPS Club Permit is not renewed or the vehicle is taken off the road for a period of 6 months or longer. The Member MUST present a valid RWC to the Club Permit Officer before applying for a new Club Permit.
  • If a vehicle is sold the Member will return the plates to Vic Roads and destroy the log book unless the vehicle is sold to another CCBV Inc Member.
  • No CCBV Inc Member or Committee Member is responsible for determining if a vehicle is safe to be driven on the road. Only a valid Roadworthiness Certificate will be accepted to show the safe condition of a vehicle.
  • The President & Secretary of CCBV Inc reserve the right to apply exceptions to any of the conditions listed above.
  • CCBV Inc will maintain a register of all CPS vehicles & Member details which will be made available to Vic Roads upon request.
For more information please contact CCBV Inc.